Among all the changes the economic Argentine scenery has lived, the increase of the Competitive Level is the one that caused the greatest impact in the companies’ results.
Based on this, if you decide to improve your Competitiveness, these are our Consultancy skill areas:
Competitive Strategies

Analysis, Strategic Proposals, Action Plans and Coaching adapted to each Company or Market.

Permanent Counselling
  The employment of modern techniques and a broad experience accrued in different areas of Industrial Products, provides a strong support in each counselling.
Market Researches
  Project Design and Field Work for Qualitative and Quantitative Studies with teams having interviewers of their own and facilities for laboratory works (Gesell Chamber).
Comercial Training
  Programs developed for all the Organization levels oriented to promote the change of attitudes that enables to achieve new and better working habits.
Marketing Diagnosis
  Quick and objective checks always directed to action, so that our Customers may discover and take advantage of their opportunities to improve competitively.
Bussiness Management
  Strong commitment with the Project and the Customer, added to a high Know-How acquired through different Studies, are applied to know the feasibility of new business undertaking.


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